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Baby I love you 伝えたい

Well, I've got all my Christmas shopping done \:D/ And one thing I found in particular was perfect, weee. State Street and La Cumbre are pretty crazy around this time of year, but it's fun just walking around. Yay holidays!

*-* And the earth moved today, and it was scary. Once I saw the ceiling fans swaying and heard glass things falling in the other room I panicked and ran to go find my grandma and we went outside and waited it out. In a house like my grandma's, you've really got to be careful.. I mean this house has huge glass displays cases against every wall filled with antiques and glass things. Nothing broke, everything was fine, but some of the buildings more up north didn't fare so well =(

OKay, time for some more grandma's chocolate chip cookieeeeees <3 My co-worker gave me a box of chocolates and... they're old x.x Noooooo

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