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58/60 on Chinese oral exam. AIYA!

I think I've made a decision!
Unless something weird changes my mind, I'm going to UCLA - to study Linguistics and Japanese. I still don't know if I can fit in media arts classes into that equation, I *wish* they had the Digital Arts minor that UCI does, that would have been perfect.

Since... it would be not such a good idea to choose UCI over UCLA because of a *minor*... right? Convince me please =X I mean, there's other things I like about UCI... I was set on it until I found out I got into UCLA.

You know.. I don't know much about some people on my friends list. Does anyone reading this GO to UCLA?

That's about it!

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10 years down the line you will be glad you went to UCLA. It DOES matter where you went to college even though people will try to tell you differently.
Chinese.. ORAL.. exam.. I wish I was there.. LOL
Yeah you know.. those 4 tones and Hanzi sure are exciting!

BTW, this is azn butterflyz~ Just in case you think I'm some creepy LJ commenter or something jess, LoL!
Oh wow, you're taking Chinese? A couple of friends of mine wanna try Chinese when we're done taking our Japanese requirements. How is it?
Hmm, if UCLA is stronger in your intended major, I would go for that and not worry about the minor. If you can still take classes in digital arts at UCLA, then that's cool. In the long run, I think a minor is just a nice line on your resume. I mean, it's a certification that you actually got to a certain level in that area, but when it comes down to it, the actual skills you learned are more important.
I'd like to have actually been able to have a minor in Japanese--they instituted minors the year after i graduated, and i would have almost definitely qualified for one, i think. However, I did study it, and if it ever came up where I would need that for a job, I could include lines on my resume to detail my studies.
Do you think you'd ever head in the direction of 'digital arts' for a job? If so, with something like that, your skills and/or portfolio would probably be more important (or at least as important) than a degree anyway.
I know nothing about Cali colleges, but you reminded me of a question that's been niggling for quite some time now.. What exactly -is- Linguistics? Like, the study of how languages are formed or something right? What could you do with a major/minor program in it?
Have just always been curious; it's one of those things that sounds as ambiguous as "Liberal Arts" to me. xD
*does the UCLA chant*

But you already knew that.

And when the hell did you add me.... hmm, I'm suspicious of you and the admiral now... something is amiss!